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Property Tax Information
The following information from Treasurer Kim Sime
was sent with the 2011 real estate tax bills.

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Email Treasurer: (Emails from the town website www.town.rutland.wi.us are transferred to my personal email account.)

Enclosed are your 2011 Real Estate and/or Personal Property Tax statement/s. If Real Estate was sold in 2011, it is your responsibility to forward these statements to the new owner. Please contact me with any concerns on your Tax Bills.

It is the Taxpayer's responsibility to verify that credit has been granted if you are entitled to it. The lottery credit is available for your primary residence. If you did not receive the Lottery Credit, please contact me immediately byphone or email to make arrangements to complete and sign the form. This form needs to get to the County by January 31, 2012 to receive the credit.

The due date for first installment is January 31, 2012. Make checks payable to TOWN OF RUTLAND and mail to Kim Sime, Town of Rutland, 1192 Starr School Road, Stoughton, WI 53589. PAYMENT BY MAIL IS ENCOURAGED.

You may pay any portion you wish in December to claim the payment on your 2011 Income Tax return. POSTMARK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR DECEMBER 31 PAYMENTS. Payments for December MUST BE RECEIVED IN MY OFFICE/HOME BY NOON, DECEMBER 31, 2011. MY OFFICE/HOME CLOSES AT NOON DECEMBER 31, 2011. For a receipt, enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope with payment.

Refunds of overpayments will be sent with your receipt once monthly in January or February. No refund will be issuedif less than $2.00. Dane County Treasurer will bill you if second installment is due. The July payment is payableNBdirectly to Dane County Treasurer by July 31, 2012.

Due to the Saturday Holidays, there will be no Saturday collection at the Town Hall in this December. Payments will be collected at the Rutland Town Hall on these dates:
     Wednesday December 28, 2011 4-6:30pm
     Friday December 30, 2011 9-11am
     Saturday, January 28, 2012 9-Noon.

I will also take payments at my home by appointment.

To Avoid Delay in Payments:
  • Make sure your check is written out properly, signed and for the correct amount due.
  • Mail early enough to arrive well before the deadline.
  • There is a $30 charge for NSF checks plus the bank fees.

It is your responsibility to verify your escrow payment was made.

If you have escrow funds, please advise your financial institution of taxes due. Also, keep the Treasurer's address current with them. State law requires that all tax bills be sent directly to the taxpayer. PAYMENTS WILL BE CREDITED ACCORDING TO THE POSTMARK ON ENVELOPE-NOT THE DATE ON THE CHECK. In the event of an overpayment, refund checks will be sent to the property owner/s in the month after the payment is received. If you would like a receipt from your escrow payment, you must request that and provide a self addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise, no receipts are sent for escrow payments.

Personal property taxes are payable in full by January 31, 2012. Any unpaid balances will be subject to 1% interestpenalty per month and any portion of a month counts as one month.

I will verify any tax payment via email if requested.
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