January 17, 2012 6:30 p.m.


1. Chairman Dale Beske called the caucus to order. Present: Dale Beske, Milt Sperle, Jim Lunde, Kim Sime and Dawn George.


2. Chairman Beske gave an explanation as to who may nominate candidates and vote - eligible voters. He also explained the rules of caucus:

a) elected by acclamation or ballot.

b) chairman of caucus (elected by town) runs election.

c) one office at a time.


3. Nominations for caucus chairman were opened. Sperle nominated Dale Beske; seconded by Lunde; no further nominations were received. Sperle moved, Lunde seconded to close the nominations for caucus chairman and cast a unanimous ballot for Dale Beske; motion carried 5-0.


4. Nominations for Town Supervisor: Sperle and Sime nominated Jim Lunde; Sime and Beske nominated Jeanette Walker; no further nominations made; motion/second by Sperle and Sime to close the nominations for Town Supervisor and cast a unanimous vote to place Lunde and Walker on the ballot for Supervisor; motion carried 5-0.



5. Adjournment. Motion and second by Sperle and Lunde to adjourn

the 2012 caucus; motion carried 5-0.


Respectfully Submitted,

Dawn George, Clerk



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