The City of Stoughton held a Special Joint meeting of the City of Stoughton Planning Commission and Town of Rutland Board on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers, Second Floor, Public Safety Building, 321 S. Fourth Street, Stoughton WI.


Present:  Town of Rutland: Planning Commission members Harley Stokstad and Bruce Sime; Supervisors Jeanette Walker, Jim Lunde, Milt Sperle and Chairman Dale Beske; Clerk Dawn George.

City of Stoughton:  Commission members:  Rodney Scheel, Eric Hohol, Rollie Odland, Dave McKichan, Ron Christianson and Scott Truehl.



1.        Call to order. 

2.        Discuss Boundary Agreement with the Town of Rutland Board.  The Town had submitted a list of discussion topics.  Chairman Beske led the discussion on the following topics:


1)  Redraw both the Town and City Comprehensive plan maps to allow Rutland to keep the remaining areas along 51 (north of Kayser) and to expand Oak Opening to the north.  This would allow areas north of Stoughton Lumber to be developed within the Town.  It would also allow for possible long term development west along Rutland Dunn Townline Road.  The Town expressed it’s desire to keep as much commercial development in the Town as possible as this area comprises 8-10% of its tax base.  Ron Christianson wondered if the Town had considered commercial development other than near Stoughton.  He felt that the City would not use its jurisdictional power to annex land from Rutland.  He felt that the City would leave it up to the owners.  Rollie Odland felt that growth should be in the City where services are.  Beske felt that schools provide support whether the taxpayers are located in the City or the Town.  Dave Mckichan felt that the ordinances standards were less in the Town than in the City.


2)  Insure all expansions of electrical service, including substations, does not induce stray voltages within the Town.  The Town had some concerns about stray voltage and would like some assurance that Stoughton Utility would provide testing to assure there would be no negative impact on dairy farms in the Town from stray voltage.


3)  Agreement on ETJ area so as to allow Rutland to potentially divide and rezone areas within 1.5 miles of the city, especially in the areas listed above. 


4)  Allow property owners in the ETJ area to utilize their residential splits (1 split per 35 acres owned as of 1978) at the rate allowed by County ordinance, which allows 4 splits within any 5 year period.  Note that not all farms have splits remaining.


5)  Freeze the ETJ line as additional City annexations occur either from Rutland or from areas in other Towns near Rutland.

      Items 3-5 were lumped together for discussion purposes.   Chairman Beske reiterated that the

      Town would like to see Rutland landowners have the  potential to divide and rezone  to  allow

      them the ability to utilize residential splits that they are eligible for even though they may be

      located within the extra territorial jurisdiction of Stoughton.  Stoughton would like to see

      discouragement of TDR districts which would allow cluster development.  Discussion noted that if

      the City would change to a class C City, the ETJ would expand to 3 miles rather than the existing

      1˝ miles.  The Town residents had expressed the feeling that they would prefer to retain the ag

      area between Oregon and Stoughton.  Discussion held regarding the need for onsite Stormwater

      management for commercial areas.


6)  Cooperation on road considerations, especially where City streets may connect with Town roads and place significant City traffic onto Town roads.


7)  Compatible developments at the boundary of the City and Town.  Discussion held regarding benefits to each municipality.  The members present wanted to know what benefits the City would be gaining in any agreement.  Chairman Beske advised he felt that the City had already gained benefits with the expansion of the Urban Service Area (USA) by 250 acres.   Beske further asked about an eighteen month moratorium on annexations.


3.        Future agenda items.  Another meeting was tentatively scheduled for sometime in February.

4.        Adjournment for Rutland on motion and second by Walker and Lunde; motion carried 4-0.


Respectively Submitted,

Dawn George, Clerk

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