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STH 138 Road Closure, Stoughton, WI

Stoughton, WI, August 2, 2016

Kettle Park West, LLC in coordination and cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be reconstructing State Trunk Highway 138 (STH 138) from the intersection with USH 51 west approximately four tenths (0.4) of a mile. These improvements are designed to provide safe access to Kettle Park West while maintaining the traffic flow along STH 138. The improvements include a roundabout, additional lanes, lighting and lane widening. Read More...

Town of Rutland Road Building Season

It's summer in the Town of Rutland! Which means it's also road construction and repair time. Our patrolmen, Nels and Dennis, along with our road bid winners are working on the town's major road work planned for this year. Windmill road and Danks road are being completely rebuilt, down to the road base. Shoulders will be re-graveled and graded and driveway cuts made for a smooth, durable connection to the new road surface.

We're also seal coating several roads. Center road, Old Stone road from Center to Oakridge Rd., and Lake Kegonsa road from State Hwy 138 to Rutland Dunn Townline Rd. Seal coating is a maintenance application that will helps keep roads in good condition and get maximum life from the road bed. Flint road had crack-filling applied and Nels thinks it's one of the best surfacing jobs he's seen, check it out and see what you think.

Town road maintenance is funded by you and me from our property tax dollars. We receive only about $100,000 every year in State road building aid. That doesn't really help much with our $300,000 annual road budget. We were awarded an additional $15,000 for road work in 2017 in Ol' Stone Estates. This is a separate program held every two years that the Towns must apply for and the state must approve the award for a specific project.

State-driven road construction projects in the Town have been cancelled or cutback. The proposed Highway 14 relocation has been abandoned and WisDOT has only given us a vague promise about a study to improve the safety of highway 14. But they don't have time or money for this study to even begin for 3 years! This section of Highway 14 is widely considered one of the most dangerous in Dane County and I can personally attest to the enormous traffic load on it.

Similarly the Highway 51 review in the Stoughton area has cut back to the least expensive option, improving the road in its current path. While this may well be the best option, it seems it was chosen because it was the least expensive option, again, because WisDOT has inadequate funds. I encourage you to contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and let them know your feelings on how they're maintaining our basic road infrastructure.

Our roads are the arteries of our community and, in many cases, we're just about to need intensive care! If you'd like more information, check out this link: Just Fix It Wisconsin - Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

I wish you a safe and enjoyable summer and remember to enjoy the journey along the way, even if it's in the middle of road construction!

Mark Porter
Town of Rutland officials Nov. 2015
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